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SL2128C、YGY888、 LY2117、SL2823 



         Shenzhen StrongLink Electronics Co.,LTD is a professional IC design and system application development of semiconductor companies ; the company has a well-known application of IC design experts and senior experts of the core technology team, professional to develop the design of power management chips as the main direction, focusing on the design, development, testing and marketing based on an advanced submicron CMOS , BIPOLAR , BICMOS , BCD and other technology platforms analog mixed analog and

digital integrated circuits.
       Our products are widely used in LED lighting, switching power supplies, industrial power supply, power

adapter, mobile phones, tablet PCs, car chargers and other electronic products on.
philosophy :
   ◆ long-term partnership between the treasure with customers
   ◆ pursuit of leading-edge technology and full-service
   ◆ focus on quality is superior to everything, the product value beyond price
   ◆ focused on power chip development and design
   ◆ professional provides efficient, energy-saving chip
   ◆ specifically addressed in the power of the overall solution.


Quality Policy : full participation, quality, technology innovation
Environmental Policy : low power consumption, high efficiency chip,  casting green power products

Long-term partners:
   ◆ wafer process development platform: SHHIC , IPS , CSMC , CHMC;
   ◆ packaging technology platforms: Huatian Technology, style and Technology, Anhui Guo Jing, Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics
   ◆ products verify cooperation:
        Taiwan WPI set up a joint laboratory power supply reliability applications ;
        North measurement, ATT and other safety testing organization working closely followed by international Power energy efficiency standards to enhance and maintain the 
        international advanced level synchronization ;
        Taiwan IST analysis laboratory cooperation, product failure, only use third party analysis, a thorough investigation of the reasons

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