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Microelectronics trend China
      International microelectronics development trend is: the feature size of integrated circuits will continue to shrink, integrated circuits (IC) will be developed for system on chip (SOC). Microelectronic technology and other subjects combined will produce a lot of new growing points, combined with other industry has become a major economic growth point. In 1999 the total amount of consumption Chinese integrated circuit is equivalent to RMB 43600000000 yuan, the total domestic chip is 8380000000 yuan, accounting for 0.6% of world output of chips. Although the development of China microelectronics industry has made great progress, but compared with developed countries is still very backward, and the 2 generation gap of about production technology in general. Domestic IC demand self-sufficiency rate is very low, especially for high technology content products, basically rely on imports. With the development of integrated circuit technology, make clear boundaries between machine, circuits and components, devices are sudden lame, problem of devices, circuit and the whole system problem problems have been combined together, reflected in a piece of silicon, which formed the new technology of solid state physics, subject device technology and electronic science three cross a microelectronics. With the wide penetration of integrated circuit technology and extension, it will be a more marginal subject widely.
       To sum up in a word: microelectronics technology is the cornerstone of the information society. The realization of the network and its key components of information of all kinds of computer or electronic communications equipment, they are the basis of integrated electric arm.
      1946 February years USA Moore School developed the first electronic numerical integrator and calculator of the times, it is a composed by the 18000 tubes, covers an area of 150 square meters, weighs 30 tons of huge monster.
Imagine, such a computer to be able to enter the office, workshop and home? Some scientists think that at that time the world as long as 4 sets of such a computer is enough, but now the whole world computer includes a microcomputer, have over a million. It is only in the Baer laboratory in 1948 scientists invented the transistor (the first milepost of microelectronic technology development, especially the development of 1958) silicon planar technology and the invention of the integrated circuit (which can be thought of as the second milestone standing), after today's with integrated circuit technology as the foundation of electronic information technology and industry.
       It comes as the recent America engineering and technology community selected fifth items of electronic technology in the twentieth Century world's 20 greatest engineering achievements, "from vacuum tubes to semiconductor, integrated circuit has become the cornerstone of modern intelligent work from all walks of life." This is decided by its nature: the social informatization level depends on the mastery of information, processing ability and application level, and the integrated circuit is the set of information processing, storage, transmission on a small chip. Current microelectronic technology development has entered the system on chip (SOC-System On Chip) time. The whole system or subsystem is integrated in a silicon chip. The further development of sensors, can be of various physical, chemical and biological (executive information acquisition function) and actuators with information processing systems integrated together, so as to complete from the information acquisition, processing, storage, transmission to the system execution of the function, this is a system on chip in a more broad sense. It can be considered the microelectronic technology and a revolutionary change. It has been as the cell composition of the body, become the modern industry and agriculture, defence equipment and household consumer durables cells.
        Now integrated circuit industry output value of more than 15% annual growth rate, in technology, integration with the rate of annual growth rate of 46% of the sustainable development, also the world without the last industry can at this speed the sustainable development.
        In 1990 Japan to integrated circuit based electronic industry output value of more than is known as the first industry automobile industry and become the first big industry. In 2000 to the integrated circuit based electronic information industry has become the world's first big industry. Integrated circuit material is the most abundant element on earth besides oxygen content of silicon, such a piece of dark brown small, naked eye. No satisfactory place, but after technology innovation design of people and a series of innovative manufacturing, become integrated circuit chip. The human wisdom and creativity of curing in silicon the chip, which is the carrier of the knowledge innovation, the value of gold. This is a typical "be able to perform wonders". Changing the social production mode and life style of people, not only become the basis of modern industry and science and technology, and is creating a silicon culture represents the information age (siliconculture). So scientists think humans after the stone, bronze, iron age after entering the era of silica.
      The strategic role of integrated circuit industry of national economic performance in the first modern food chain, the development of modern economy data shows, each 100 increase in GDP yuan, need 10 yuan electronic industry output value and 1 yuan -3 yuan IC output support. According to the American Semiconductor Association (SIA) predicts, to 2012, the integrated circuit industry wide sales will reach $1, it will support electronic equipment, $6 to $8 $30 electronic information service industry and the $50 GDP.
In twenty-first Century the economy is the information economy, the developed countries in information industry output value accounted for the total value of national economic output of the 40%-60%, the total output value of national economic growth part of the 65% relevant and integrated circuit. Therefore, to seize the IC industry development, can promote the rapid development of the national economy.
The last century since the 90's, the sustained and rapid development of America economy, mainly due to the IT industry development, and it is the basis of microelectronic technology.
In fact, not only the

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