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Analysis of the current situation of China Microelectronics
The integrated circuit industry China started in 1965, after 30 years of development, has been initially formed the industrial structure including design, manufacturing, packaging industry common development. Chip production technology has reached the 8 inch, 0.25 micron -0.18 micron level. But generally speaking, China's integrated circuit industry is relatively weak, sales in 1999 accounted for only the international market share of 0.7%, can only meet the domestic market demand 16%. To improve the overall level of microelectronic technology in our country, we also need long-term hard work.
University microelectronics specialty in our country at present professional courses include: Semiconductor Physics and devices, the principle and the integrated circuit design, modern physics experiment, introduction to solid state physics, MEMS technology, system based thin film materials and thin film technology. [1]
The main problems at present Chinese microelectronics has:
1 the lack of long-term planning and measures of high standard and sustainable development and the goal of establishing the microelectronics industry group.
The 2 mechanism don't adapt to the requirement of the development of the microelectronics industry. Industrial investment way is single; investment and other policy decision is too slow, the development lags behind; a serious gap between scientific research and industry, and research and development investment serious insufficiency.
3 the lack of systematic marketing strategy. The domestic market by foreign big companies to carve up. For strategic and large quantity and wide area such as the central processing unit (CPU) and memory as the key chip market has not paid enough attention and determination to independent research and development of determination. The development and design of chip plant products supporting the production out of touch, not.
4 policy environment is not adapt to the development of modern microelectronics industry. Capital microelectronics enterprises in our country is a large part of loan, plus VAT is overweight, makes the enterprise burden is heavy.
Personnel 5 microelectronics erosion phenomenon is serious, lack of effective measures to attract and stimulate talents.
Recommendation: develop accelerated China microelectronics industry development goals. 5 years to reach: the diversified investment patterns built a certain scale of industrial clusters, of which more than half the companies in the technology, market and management Chinese dominant. The organization and the introduction of talents, to develop a new generation of core production technology, accumulation of independent intellectual property rights, so that the China microelectronic chip production technology reached the international level of manufacturing and only one generation. Integrated circuit production by 2005 increased from the current account for 0.6% of world production to about 2%. Through 10 years of efforts, to master the key technology of integrated circuit design, production, increase market share at home and abroad and domestic market self-sufficiency rate, total world production increased from 2% to 4%, self-sufficiency rate of around 30%; meet the defense industry and information security demand for integrated circuit can be formed of scientific research, production system; benign cycle; industry and science and technology level and international level was quite.
In order to ensure the realization of these goals, proposed "fifteen" during the implementation of the following 9 measures:
1 the establishment of the national microelectronics Management Committee: directly under the central government, given the right and responsibility, exercise unified leadership, "two bombs and one satellite" spirit, according to the system engineering ideas organically to develop long-term development strategy of scientific research, development and production, good management of the microelectronics industry.
2 in order to realize the sustainable development, to production technology of independent research and development of 0.18 micron silicon integrated circuit as the breakthrough point, and gradually master the core technology. The construction of 3-5 8 inches above the silicon production line, and to grasp the initiative of its technology, market and management. At the same time, diversified mode 5 years built a total of 6-10 (including the "independent" 3-5) production line, initially formed the industrial cluster. The construction of industrial clusters, multiple mode can use the government leading, loan policy tilt, attracting and utilizing foreign capital, Hong Kong and Macao capital and encourage collective and private and non private economy in the microelectronics industry, etc. the combination of measures. So 5 years countries need to invest equity funds 4.5-7.5 billion, 3-5 billion dollar discount.
Basic environmental 3 construction of IC design industry, preferential policy, attract investment, key breakthrough, enlivening a. The establishment of national design module has intellectual property (IP) reuse mechanism and service, library. Integrated circuit design of the core technology in CPU and memory as the representative of the breakthrough of organizational.
4 with the fastest speed, the construction of a GaAs devices and integrated circuit production line. The development of radio frequency (RF) GaAs IC field is not in need of microfabrication technology very harsh, consistent with the Chinese situation, seize the opportunity to build a GaAs civil circuit production line, can reverse the China communication market simply rely on imports situation of GaAs chips. The production line investment about 400000000 yuan.
5, seize the opportunity of the development of a new generation of key microelectronics special equipment. The state should be organized with plenty of investment, choosing the right direction, strengthen international cooperation and development, to aim at the research on the key technology of special equipment and can be used for 193 nm excimer laser projection lithography 0.1-0.13 micron lithography as a focus in and achieve practical. Technology research and development of electron beam and X ray lithography key equipment such as a new generation of lithography machine, to occupy the commanding heights of future microelectronics technology is ready to do a good job of special equipment.
6 to establish the national microelectronics research and development center. Centralized state limited human and financial resources, the establishment of independent national microelectronics research and development center. The country should have a long-term investment planning, and gradually into the capital to attract large enterprises. The home has the advantage of colleges and universities and research institutes strength better organized, the formation of a stable, effective R & D strength. The center's mission: close and industrial union, open

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