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Warmly celebrate Shenzhen StrongLink Electronics Co.,LTD electron Limited company website officially launched!

     In July 1st, Shenzhen StrongLink  Electronics Co. Ltd and Shenzhen step Xun network signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Shenzhen city step Xun Technology Co. Ltd. the entrustment agreement (step Xun network) construction Jialin Zhuo electronics official website. Today, Lin Jia Zhuo electronics official website officially launched. Gratifying
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     Shenzhen StrongLink Co., Ltd is a national high-tech semiconductor enterprise specialized in the development and application of integrated circuit design of the system; the company has a core technical team famous integrated circuit design and application of domestic senior experts composed of experts, professional to develop and design the power management chip as the main direction, focus on design, development, testing and selling analog and digital sub micron CMOS, advanced BIPOLAR, BICMOS, BCD and other technology platform based on analog hybrid integrated circuit products.
Products are widely used in LED lighting, switching power supply, industrial power supply, power adapter, mobile phone, tablet computer, car chargers and other electronic products.

Business philosophy:
The treasure between long-term partnerships with customers
The pursuit of leading technology and a full range of services
The focus on quality is better than all, product value beyond the products price
We focus on the development and design of power supply chip
The professional to provide efficient, energy-efficient chips
The specially designed to supply the whole solution.
Quality policy: full participation, excellent quality, technology innovation
Environment policy: low power consumption, high efficiency of chip, casting green power products
The long-term cooperative partner:
The wafer process development platform: SHHIC, IPS, CSMC, CHMC;
The packaging technology platform: Alex Hua Tian science and technology, science and technology, Anhui country style crystal, Jiangsu Changjiang Electronics
Product verification cooperation:
To set up a joint laboratory of power supply reliability and application WPI Taiwan;
Work closely with the North test, ATT etc safety detection mechanism, follow the standard power supply efficiency of international promotion, keep pace with the international advanced level in the green energy level efficiency;
And Taiwan Yite analysis laboratory cooperation, product failure, thoroughly investigate the cause analysis, the use of third parties.

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