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What is the name of Microelectronics

Microelectronics technology is the core technology of high-tech and information industry. The microelectronics industry is a basic industry, is developing so fast, in addition to the technology itself a great contribution to the national economy, and it has strong permeability of the. In addition, the modern war will take an integrated circuit is the key technology for high technology war, with the characteristic of the electronic warfare and information warfare.
The main technology of integrated circuit, is the development of science and technology based on the metal vacuum coating 50 time second half period silicon planar transistor technology and earlier on up. In 1964 the emergence of magnetic bipolar integrated circuit products.
In 1962 production of transistors -- Crystal management logic circuit and the emitter by logical circuit. The emergence of MOS integrated circuit. Because of the influence of advantages of MOS circuit in the highly integrated aspects and integrated circuit of electronic technology, integrated circuit development more and more quickly.
In 70, the microelectronic technology has entered a new stage in large scale integrated circuit as the center. With the development of the integrated density increasing, the development of the integrated circuit is integrated system, the design of the circuit is also increasingly complex and expensive, Fei Shihe. In fact, if there is no computer aided design of large-scale integrated circuits, the complex is not possible. Since 70 time, integrated circuit using computer design has a great progress. Computer aided design, plate making, device simulation circuit simulation, logic simulation, layout computing aided design program, has research and development success, become mixed with computer aided design including checking, optimization algorithm, and the complete set of equipment of the computer aided design system.
Integrated circuit computer management of manufacturing, has also started to implement. In addition, compatible with the LSI and VLSI high-speed development, related device materials science and technology, the test of science and computer aided testing, packaging technology and ultra clean technology has a great progress. Electronic technology develops very fast, the process technology, fine processing technology, such as electron beam, ion beam, X ray copy technology and dry etching technology is increasingly perfect, make the production in submicron lithography to even higher levels of integration, abandoned the integrated circuit of super large more every 106 - 107 elements a complex, integrated microelectronic system full picture so as to reach the. High quality ultra-thin oxide layer, a new ion implantation annealing technology of high conductivity, high melting point metal in the silicide metallization and shallow ohmic junction and a series of technology is to obtain further development. In the design and test technology of microelectronic technology, along with the complexity of integration and integrated systems to improve the technology, redundancy, fault tolerance technology, will be widely used in the design of technology.
Microelectronics is on solid (mainly semiconductor) miniaturized circuit, circuit composition and material
Electronics Branch system. As a branch of electronics, it mainly studies the electron or ion movement rule and its application in a solid material, and use it to achieve signal processing function of science, in order to realize the circuit system and integrated for the purpose, practicality. Microelectronics and is an important basic subject in the field of information, in this field, microelectronics is research and implementation of information acquisition, transmission, storage, processing and output of science, is the study of information acquisition science, constitute the cornerstone of information science, its development directly affect the development of the information technology. The level of development of microelectronics science and technology and the scale of the industry is an important indicator of a country's economic strength. Microelectronics is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary subject is very strong, including the physics of semiconductor devices, integrated circuit technology and the integrated circuit and system design, testing and other aspects of the content; involves many fields of solid state physics, quantum mechanics, thermodynamics and statistical physics, material science, electronic circuit, signal processing, computer assisted design, test and processing, chemical graph theory, etc..
Microelectronics is a very fast development discipline, high integration, low power, high performance, high reliability is the direction of development of microelectronics. The development of information technology is the direction of the multimedia (Intelligent Network), and individual. System requirements acquisition and store huge amounts of multimedia information with high speed, accurate and reliable transmission and processing of this information and in a timely manner to useful information is displayed or used to control. All of these are only dependent on the microelectronic technology support to become reality. Ultra high capacity, ultra small, super speed, super high frequency, ultra low power consumption is the information technology endless pursuit of the goal, is the driving force behind the rapid development of microelectronic technology.
Microelectronics, strong permeability, other disciplines combine to produce a series of new interdisciplinary subject. On behalf of MEMS, biosensor chip is that in this area, is a new technology developed in recent years and has broad application prospect.

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