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Describes the performance for power management chip.
All electronic equipment with power, but the requirements for the power source of the different systems of different. In order to play the best performance of electronic system, need to choose the most suitable power management mode.
First of all, the core of electronic equipment is a semiconductor chip. In order to improve the circuit density, the characteristic size of the chip is always toward the decrease trend of development, the electric field intensity decreases with distance and linear increase, if the power supply voltage or the original 5V, the electric field intensity produced enough to put the chip breakdown. Therefore, such a requirement on the supply voltage, the electronic system changes, also is the need to buck type power supply different. In order to keep high efficiency in step-down at the same time, usually by step-down switching power supply.
At the same time, the power of many electronic systems also need to be higher than the power supply voltage, for example in battery powered equipment, drive backlight power supply of liquid crystal display, white LED common driver and so on, all need to boost the power of the system, this requires a boost switching power supply.
In addition, the modern electronic system is developing to high speed, high gain, high reliability direction, have little effects on the interference of power supply to the performance of the electronic equipment, which requires the power supply has the advantages in the ripple noise, etc., the need for system power supply voltage regulator, filtered, which requires the use of linear power supply.
Power management modes of the different, can through the power chip accordingly, with minimal peripheral components, we can achieve. Visible, the development of the power management chip is to improve the overall performance of the essential means.

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