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Integrated circuit has the characteristics of what?
      Integrated circuits or micro circuit (microcircuit), micro chip (microchip), chip (chip) in electronics is a circuit (including semiconductor device, including passive components etc.) compact manner, and usually in manufacture of a semiconductor wafer surface.
      The circuit manufacturing in the semiconductor integrated circuit chip surface is also called film (thin-film) integrated circuit. Another kind of thick film hybrid integrated circuit (thick-film) (hybrid integrated circuit) is composed of independent semiconductor devices and passive components, miniaturization of the circuit is integrated into the substrate or a circuit board composed of.
       This article is about the monolithic integrated circuit (monolithic), which is a thin film integrated circuit.
Integrated circuit has the advantages of small volume, light weight, a leading wire and a welding point less, long service life, high reliability, the advantages of good performance, and low cost, and convenient for mass production. It is not only widely used in industry, civil electronic equipments such as recorders, TV sets, computers and other aspects, but also widely used in military, communication, remote control etc.. By integrated circuit electronic equipment assembly, the assembly density than the transistor can be increased several times to thousands of times, equipment, stable work time can be greatly improved.

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